Rajiv Lamba

CEO of Neurosensum and Surveysensum.

Rajiv’s journey takes him from India to Indonesia to Singapore.

He built his early career in the agency world.

Rajiv’s revenue growth has been impressive.

Rajiv’s current business has enjoyed rapid growth servicing Asia’s expanding demand for consumer goods. His success has been building a model to service Asian based corporates that meets their needs. While many startups pursue the SaaS model, here in Asia corporates want a hybrid – they want both the SaaS technology and the guidance of a hands-on consultant to help them both use and interpret the data internally.

Fundamental to Rajiv’s success is his knowledge of the Asian consumer. Asia is a market of over 4 billion people. By 2030, 2/3rds of the world’s middle class will be living in Asia, a combined value of $30 trillion. Unlike many other more mature consumer markets, brands have less established knowledge about the behaviors, habits and mindsets of these emerging consumers. What do we know, for example, about the attitudes of Indonesia’s 135 million people aged under 35? In the US, you could begin to get a picture of a generation (like Millennials or Gen Z) by describing them as a derivative (albeit with their own distinct nuances) of the consumers that came before them.

But Asia doesn’t work like that. For Asian consumers, it’s not a case of looking at the bank and washing powder brands of their parents and deciding to buy something similar, but more relevant. Many of their parents didn’t have bank accounts or washing machines. And many of the brands on the market didn’t exist a generation ago.

Amongst all this chaos, brands need to build a clear and consistent picture of the people they want to serve.

As an entrepreneur, Rajiv is mindful of the mental health of all of his team. They collectively meditate, a practise that he says has been fundamental in their wellness and business success. As is common with many startups, entrepreneurial life can be beset with uncertainty and anxiety. But, with reflection on his journey into a more mindful existence, Rajiv says he is a better leader. He’s less snappy. He’s less reactive. He and his team are able to both make decisions based on their long term merit to company and client, and importantly enjoy the journey.