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Rajiv Lamba – CEO Neurosensum

Born in New Delhi, career in Indonesia, now based in Singapore servicing Asia.

Entrepreneur with proven track record of scaling startup from $0 to $14m in sales. One successful exit. Now scaling second Enterprise SAAS startup from $0 to $4.4m ARR in 3 years.

Customer Experience expert with career in Nielsen, WPP, now advising global brands like Danone, Nestle. Lived and worked in India, Indonesia and Singapore.

Profile URL: https://www.b2b.fm/profile/rajiv-lamba

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* Lessons learned from scaling a startup in Asia from $0 to $14m in sales in just under 6 years. This journey covers sales teams and the final exit.
* Structuring the B2B Sales of a hybrid SAAS research platform that grew from $0 to $4.4m ARR in just 3 years.
* Consumer insights and trends in Asia
* Mindfulness, meditation and leadership – growing a team that prioritizes mental wellness and ownership rather than the endless grind and hustle of many startups.

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