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Paul Ruppert – CEO Global Point View – CPaas and Mobile Industry Leader with $400m Sales

Paul Ruppert is a CPaaS veteran and holder of 2 tech patents enabling global text messaging. He has successfully helped grow tech startups from zero to billion dollar valuations.

He is a skilled negotiator with 25 years of experience at C-Level messaging, mobile and tech sales. Paul has engineered $400m in tech sales in 10 years across borders (US, Europe, China)

Graduated from Harvard in Public Policy, Paul served over a decade as policy advisor in cabinet agency, White House and US Senate.

Profile URL: https://www.b2b.fm/profile/paul-ruppert

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Scaling Startups from $0 to $Billion valuations

  • Growing enterprise sales teams and tech brands from $0 to billion dollar valuations
  • Lessons learned in shopfloor sales that can be applied to complex, high value B2B accounts
  • Lessons learned growing and leading teams of cross cultural teams driving $400M in sales over last decade
  • Harvard Business School graduate served 12 years in US Senate under Reagan Administration as Political “Advance Man” and federal trade lobbyist
  • 25 years experience at senior level of legislative politics and telecoms negotiating across borders (US, China, Europe)
  • Teaches CEOs the art and science of high-stake deal negotiation towards common objectives
  • How to apply “Combinatorial thinking (Daniel Pink) to spot trends, drawing connections discerning the big picture to gain maximum outcomes in complex and fragmented sales landscapes

Global Telecoms and Messaging Megatrends

  • Experience of 20yrs in in CPaaS & messaging industry, as strategic commercial and M&A advisor to CEO / execs in US, Europe, China and India.
  • Scaled messaging platform from zero to billion dollar valuation, experienced tech M&A
  • Author 2 tech patents enabling global text messaging

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