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Paul Glover – The No BS Performance Coach

C-Suite Performance Coach with 20 years experience as a Federal Court Trial Lawyer.

Passionate storyteller who believes in the power of narrative to influence and educate in business, personal life and even court rooms.

Member of Forbes Council and Author of “WorkQuake”, a playbook for leaders who want to navigate the future of work beyond traditional command and control models to more inclusive, engaging environments. Based in Chicago, USA.

Profile URL: https://www.b2b.fm/profile/paul-glover

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🎧 Podcast Key Talking Points

(1) Employee Engagement and “The Great Resignation” in the Post Pandemic World of Remote Work

Author of Work Quake and No BS Team Performance Coach
  • Latest Employee Engagement data (Gallup 2021) shows that only 36% of U.S. employees are engaged in their work and workplace. What is the cause of this malaise and how can leaders address it?
  • The Great Resignation: According to Microsoft some 45% of employees said they would consider switching jobs in the next 2 years. How are workplace cultures and leadership styles impacting employee engagement and what can be done to stem the brain drain?
  • The future of work in the Post-Pandemic world, building on insights from his book “WorkQuake”

(2) How to Avoid Self Destructive Behaviours and Leadership Blind Spots

Team Performance Coach specializing in 360 Reviews
  • Why do Leaders fail spectacularly when problems are hiding in plain sight?
  • How can Leaders can identify blind spots that can lead to patterns of disengagement and self destruction?
  • How teams become dysfunctional and why leadership communication needs a reboot
  • How to conduct 360 reviews productively and face the moment of truth

(3) Leadership and Transformational Storytelling in the Workplace

Ex Trial Lawyer Skilled in the psychology of storytelling and influence
  • How leaders can unlock the the power of using stories to create change, engage and lead teams
  • Why in the post-Pandemic era of uncertainty, we need our leaders to tell better stories to engage teams
  • The mind hacks and tricks employed by trial lawyers to engage and influence juries and audiences

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