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Nitin Govila – Management Leader, Entrepreneur, Engineer and Meditation Trainer

Singapore based Nitin Govila is a Management Leader, Entrepreneur, engineer and Meditation Trainer. He is the APAC MENA MD for the French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari, a leader in the flexible composite material sector. His scope of operations covers: Japan, Korea, China, Hongkong, India, ASEAN, Australia-NZ, Middle-East & Africa. Born in India, Educated and Worked in France. Based in Singapore.

Profile URL: https://www.b2b.fm/profile/nitin-govila

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🎧 Podcast Key Talking Points

(1) How to reduce noise and create Heartful & Mindful spaces & environment in the workplace

Manufacturing leader who combines the principles of material design and meditation to create comfortable and sustainable environments
  • How noise impacts mental wellness in the workplace
  • How to manage heat, light and noise to create sustainable workspaces good for both the environment and our mental health
  • The key differences between sound and noise, and how these differences impact comfort, productivity and mental health
  • How the future of work will require companies to rethink the role of the office and the environment in which we work
  • How to create distraction free workspaces that help people focus
  • How mindful workspaces free of noise and chatter are conducive to deep work and creativity
  • Key trends in the aesthetic design of commercial real estate, retail developments, airports, sports stadiums and hotels

(2) Mindful Practise and Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Accredited meditation trainer with 20 years teaching experience
  • How offices and companies can promote mindfulness
  • The key benefits of mindfulness at work
  • Why 80% of leaders (according to Tim Ferriss in “Tools of Titans” practise some kind of mindfulness or meditation practise on a daily basis
  • How Meditation can help Leaders evolve from Thinking to Feeling
  • How to bring heart-centered approach to train individuals and assist corporate teams in providing clarity and balance of mind.

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