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Kapil Kane – Director Innovation Intel China, ex-Apple, Stanford, TEDX Speaker and Podcast Host

Director of Innovation Intel China, ex Apple, Stanford Graduate and TEDX Speaker. Co-founder of Intel® GrowthX award-winning corporate accelerator, promoting intrapreneurship inside the world’s largest organizations. Ex Apple, serving under Steve Jobs. Host of the Between Two Friends Podcast. Born in India, Educated in the US. Based in Shanghai China.

Profile URL: https://www.b2b.fm/profile/kapil-kane

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🎧 Podcast Key Talking Points

Sustainable Innovation within corporates

  • “Innovation Theater”, Sustainable vs Sporadic innovation
  • Different forms of innovation e.g. Moonshots vs Incremental Innovation
  • How to empower employees to create
  • How do I create a corporate innovation strategy? (e.g. do you create an innovation center?)
  • How to test, experiment, fail
  • The challenge of getting from 0 to 1
  • How corporates have an advantage after “1” – getting to revenue
  • How do you inspire business units to try intrapreneurship?
  • How entrepreneurship expresses itself within corporate environments
  • The advantages of working with intrapreneurs vs investing in external entrepreneurs?
  • Defining innovation (variations and unique qualities of Asian/Chinese models)

Experience Working in Apple

  • How Kapil landed the job at Apple as product design engineer
  • The Zen Philosophy of Product Design
  • How did Buddhist & Hindu philosophies influence Steve Jobs, design principles and ethics at Apple?
  • Lessons learned from 7 years of experience working on iPad
  • The importance of diligence and patience in building innovative products
  • The story of how Kapil’s team developed the touch screen interface for the iPad which was later used for the iPhone
  • How Apple teams managed and prioritized Design, Cost and Time to Market
  • How the Apple product design team never talked about launch dates or “innovation”
  • In the end, it’s the team you build that determines the outcomes
  • How Project secrecy helped the engineers focus on the task at hand and how the open sharing of ideas can actually be counterproductive in corporate environments

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