Prarthana Sibal

Prarthana Sibal Heads up all podcast projects at B2B Podcast Agency Pikkal & Co. As part of the initial founding team Prarthana has overseen the growth of the agency from zero to servicing some of the world’s most prestigious corporate clients today. Their podcast client list includes Deloitte, UTI (Investment Bank of India), The Lux Collective, Julius Baer, UBS and The Singapore Government.

Prarthana was the one who made the Tony Fernandes interview happen. She also helped conceive and launch the podcast for India’s largest Asset Manager (UTI) and advices Swiss Private Bank Julius Baer on their audience growth strategy.

Prarthana doesn’t often step out onto the receiving end of the microphone. She’s happy to operate in the background making sure the show runs smoothly. In her recent projects, she worked with United Nations Directors, Singapore government ministers and the President of AWS Industry.

Turning Ideas into Award Winning Podcast

Much of Prarthana’s work involves taking a brand’s idea and turning it into a successful podcast. In some cases they are award winning podcasts, as with one of the world’s largest management consultancies.

But, brands never come to the table with an award winning podcast in mind. Most brands don’t know what’s possible. They understand they have a need to communicate in a more agile and authentic way, but are unsure of how to do this through podcasting. They are often less concerned about winning an award than creating a podcast that fails after the first series or lacks engagement.

Successful podcasts are a long term commitment to progress. Start with a POC (proof of concept), progress to scale and audience growth, later focus on dominating podcast rankings.