Prantik Mazumdar

What does it take to grow an agency from zero to $10m+ in sales?

Agency business models are one of the hardest to make successful. You don’t have the 100x growth potential of a SaaS startup and you’re investing a lot of your time both in your own people and individual relationships with clients.

Co-Founder of Happy Marketer.

Prantik could have taken a safe corporate route in his career. Indeed, that’s how he started out. He landed comfortable jobs working for Singapore government agencies and consultancies. For many Indian parents (and the all-important opinions of extended families) Prantik’s early career path would have been perfect.

But, entrepreneurialism is a calling that doesn’t always respect tradition or the expectations of others. If it touches you, you either are all-in or your spend the rest of your life living in regret. For Prantik, a conversation with Rachit Dayal, a friend and classmate at NUS, changed the trajectory of his career. Rachit was already 2 years into his journey building his startup, but the missing member in their team was someone who could be a rainmaker, who had the connections and the PR presence to go out and sell the business to big ticket clients.

That person was Prantik. He had the credentials – studied at NUS, one of Asia’s leading Universities, was former head prefect at his school in Indonesia, worked for the Singapore government. He exudes positivity and is very conscious of the opportunities that his background has given him.

Post Exit Prantik is keen to put the opportunities life has given him to serve others. He’s passionate about equality of access – meaning giving people the ability to access resources and knowledge in healthcare and employment across the region. That’s a significant problem to solve. India and Southeast Asia combined have over 2 billion people, a large number of which do not have access to education, employment or healthcare services that most consider fundamental.