Paul Glover – The No BS Performance Coach on Employee Engagement

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The Great Resignation is upon us. According to one source, “People have started thinking about what they’ve been doing and whether they want to continue on in the same job or career for the next five to 25 years. The results of this introspection clearly show that they want to make a move.”

My next guest, Paul Glover, works closely with business leaders who have found themselves at the blunt end of change - thrust into managing the double challenge of workforces returning to the office and employees raising questions about their future and engagement.

According to Gallup, “Engagement — not pay — spurs people to go the extra mile and give their best. ” So what drives engagement? Once a base level of salary and comfort is met, everything beyond this point is arbitrary. A 10% pay rise at the expense of an extra 5 hour commute every week to the new office is, for example, an opportunity cost pay off that employees rationalise when it comes to their own engagement levels.

Paul Glover shares insights on what really motivates people and the importance of leaders in that equation. People join companies and leave managers.