About B2B FM

Thought Leadership for the Post-Covid World

B2B FM is a platform to help promote thought leaders on a new global stage.

This stage was not one defined by industry conferences, analyst brunches and meetings but by the need to create authentic conversations at scale. That’s why Podcasts lie at the core of this thought leadership.

It’s no coincidence that the words AUDIO, AUTHORITY, AUDIENCE and AUTHENTICITY all stem from the same Ancient Greek etymological root “Au” which literally means to “perceive” or “feel”.

Authority is no longer defined by your job title or your access to an immediate physical network but by how people perceive you and how the audience feels connected.

The B2B FM Goal

B2B FM will give thought leaders a platform to profile their conversations that matter and connect with audiences globally who are seeking out opinion and analysis on key issues. We’ll aggregate the podcasts of key thought leaders in one place to give audiences a more comprehensive picture and sound of who these people are by accessing authentic podcast content that, unlike blog or social media, is hard to fake.

Who is B2B FM for?

Thought Leaders – a place to aggregate their thought leadership content in one place
Audiences – a place to discover authentic thought leaders and go deep into their content
Podcast Hosts – a place to discover guests
Event Managers – a place to discover authorities and experts to speak at your event

How Can You Get on B2B FM?

Currently, we are trialling B2B FM and access is limited to our Podcast Guesting clients.